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Bluetooth Aviation UV Two Segment Radio Walkie Talkie
  • Bluetooth Aviation UV Two Segment Radio Walkie TalkieBluetooth Aviation UV Two Segment Radio Walkie Talkie

Bluetooth Aviation UV Two Segment Radio Walkie Talkie

Quanzhou Lianchang Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in intercoms with Bluetooth to adapt to most locomotive Bluetooth headsets on the market. Aviation reception meets the needs of aerospace enthusiasts. Bluetooth Aviation UV Two Segment Radio Walkie Talkies are portable two-way radios that allow individuals to communicate over short distances without the need for a centralized network. They are commonly used in various industries, including aviation, for ground personnel communication, aircraft marshaling, and other operational tasks.

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Product Description

Bluetooth Aviation UV Two Segment Radio Walkie Talkies are crucial for pilots, air traffic control, and ground personnel to communicate effectively. These systems use specific frequencies and protocols to ensure safe and reliable communication in the aviation industry.

Our products are exported to all over the world, such as Russia, Finland, Australia, Canada, Taiwan and other countries and regions; the company has complete technical strength and can accept OEM personalized customization, welcome to inquire and understand, and look forward to sincere cooperation with you, Mutual benefit and win-win.

1. Bluetooth headset function, (optional)
2. Bluetooth bracelet function, (optional)
3. Wireless read and write frequency, 128 channels.
4. High power: UHF:4W VHF:5W Low power; UHF/VHF:1W
5. Chinese and English menu voice, Chinese and English voice operation prompts
6. Workspace Mute Settings
7. 50 groups of analog sub-audio and 210 groups of digital sub-audio decoding.
8. Multiple scanning methods. .
9. V0X voice-activated emission function.
10. The definition of side keys can be set.
11. Scheduled Power Off (APO)
12. Various monotone pulses ( 1000HZ, 1450Z, 1750HZ, 2100HZ)
13. A variety of keyboard lock methods.
14. Wide and narrowband selection
15. Backlight selection
16. Power saving function
17. End tone
18. Tail cancellation sound and relay receipt sound setting
19. Digital FM radio.
20. Standard 7. 4V2500mAH polymer lithium battery.
21. 5V USB fast charging.

technical specifications

Integral part Receiving part Broadband
Working frequency matching A                          B
TX:136MHz-174MHz    TX:136MHz-174MHz
400MHz-470MHz      400MHz-470MHz
adjacent channel selectivity ≤70db ≤60db
step frequency 5KHz/6.25KHz/10KHz/12KHz/25KHz/50KHz/100KHz Intermodulation ≤65db ≤60db
number of channels 128 spurious response ≤70db ≤70db
Operating mode F2D/D3E audio response +1~3db
Operating temperature -20℃~50℃ SNR ≥45db ≥40db
Antenna damping 50Ω audio distortion ≤5%
power requirements 7.4VDC audio power ≤500mW
weight 295g sensitivity UHF/VHF:0.25μV(12db SINAD)
Dimensions 131*51*34(mm)

launch part Broadband Narrowband Transmitting section Broadband Narrowband
Modulation 16K F3E 11K F3E Maximum frequency difference ±5KHz ±25KHz
adjacent channel power ≥70db ≥60db frequency stability ±2.5ppm
stray ≤60db ≥60db audio distortion ≤5%
audio response +1~3db


Output Power 5W/1W(VHF)

Product Details

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